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B&B Ghent


                    Velodroomstraat 32, 9940 Evergem

  Here we are back, finally ;-)

Our house has been sold and we have bought another house

That has now been renovated for 95%

A finish is still needed here and there, but the rooms of the B&B are as good as ready

What is also missing are the photos. Hopefully they come soon!

The new address is  : Velodroomstraat 32 in Evergem 9940.

This is only 2 km from our old address, but it is located in the center of Evergem (behind the town hall)

but it is very quiet!

There are a few restaurants and cozy cafes within walking distance.

Tram 1 to Ghent is still easily accessible (+- 500m), it is only 1 stop further than our previous address.

We hope to welcome you back to our new place!

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