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About us  

Part of the name of the B&B comes from our family names.

The chef is called Erwin De Rycke and the hostess is Marie-Christine Boone.

That's why the rooms are also named after us, "de Boon" and the Empire"

We have 3 children, 1 son Timothy, 2 daughters Charlie and Lauren and
our first grandchild Bessie, born on July 23, 2017
And our second grandchild, Donna born on July 30, 2019.

And our third grandchild is coming up and expected in November 2020

The children are all out of the house and living their own happy lives.

We have a dog, Martha a Benner Sennen, currently a real teenager, always enthusiastic

We have moved since September last year, first we went to live with my 95-year-old mother for a few months and since mid-April we finally live in our house in the Velodroomstraat.
There are still many details that need to be adjusted and we are still missing several pieces of furniture,
because due to corona and all kinds of circumstances, we now have to wait months for things that are not in stock,
But everything will be fine

Erwin works 4/5 at Fluvius, this is the electricity provider in Flanders.

MC is actually the one who runs the B&B as an independent but is well supported by Erwin.

We also love travelling, recreational sports and good food!

We have owned a restaurant for 7 years but then wanted to go in a different direction.

We found it in the form of a cooking studio and a B&B with 2 guest rooms.

We love to receive and pamper people.

Enjoy a pleasant stay with us
and be surprised by the pleasant atmosphere, the hospitality,

the easy connection to Ghent center,

the possibilities of the area, and so much more.


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